Bio (A work in progress :) 
This isn't easy to do. I'm not good at telling people about myself. Born in 1960 I was raised a catholic and put into a private school despite the fact it was costly and my mother was raising two sons with no financial help from my father. She also cared for her aging mother, and worked two jobs sometimes returning home at 11pm. Mom came here to the USA during WW2 in route to Chile of all places. She had traveled with her parents from her native home in Europe all over the world as they tried to stay one step ahead of the Nazi and Japanese invaders. Most of her school years were spent in Australia, Hong Kong and countless months at sea during her families travels. She remained here because of visa problems and took her oath of citizenship a few years later. Married once , she met my father and divorced before I was born. I was the first born, my brother the 3rd and I have a step brother and sister I've never met IRL.  

At age ten, shortly after my grandmother passed away (we were extremely close) I began ditching school. I hid that fact from my drinking mom for almost the entire school year. I was removed from my mothers custody and made a ward of the court and placed in foster care. That experience changed my life forever. I returned home at age 14 only to be removed again 6 months later because of her continued drinking. I changed schools twelve different times from age 10 to 16 and finally arrived back home again with the stipulation that I find a part time job to help make ends meet. 

I dropped out of high school 3 months after enrolling because I had landed a job at Licorice Pizza, a local record store. I could only work a certain number of hours as a minor and had to be in school so I enrolled in a continuation school and took the High School Proficiency Exam. I failed the first time cuz I partied and smoked pot the night before with a bunch of friends, put passed easily after a second attempt with a clear head ;-) 

At age 16 I was free to work full time with my diploma and parental consent (mom finally had had a year of sobriety and was doing well). I was in heaven. I was made a "key holder" of the store as a minor,  something that was mentioned in the corporate news letter. I had made that store my life and my life it was. It was on the corner of Sunset Strip and San Vincente , across from The Whiskey A Go-Go during the punk rock revolution. I was a 17 year old, with keys to one of the coolest record stores in Loss Angeles <g> who enjoyed all the perks of the association the store had because of it's location. I didn't pay a dime for records , received more bribes in the form of front row concert tickets. Life was good :) There is too much to tell and show about that so I have the music page. 
Well, after the fun was over (I was growing up and wanted more than to be a retail manager) I enrolled in a local junior college, and of course had no idea what I wanted to do. My job hunt (mom got my foot in the door) took me to a daily newspapper. It was there that I had my first taste of what it was like to do simple office work and bookkeeping tasks. Math and numbers were easy as pie for me so I decided on an Accounting Major.   

I met my wife shortly after that time in the oddest circumstances. My younger brother had "met this older woman" and was on one of his usual conquests to get her in bed.  One night, about a week after meeting while at a local hang-out she walked up, threw arms around me, and in a slightly intoxicated manner pulled me close and whispered to me: "I really like your brother as a friend, but he's bugging me and I like you alot better". 

Though we became close very quickly I had just lost my first true love when she moved to Vermont and I was devastated. What ensued was a sign of her caring nature. She befriended me during one of my most depressing periods. This was a woman who would be there for me while I cried in her arms because of the loss of another woman. There was also bad blood between them during the short time they knew each other. She managed too find a way past all of it. I knew there was a special bond between us from those moments on.  

Later, I actually talked my mom into allowing her to move in and she did. That lasted an incredible three months. We moved out and got our own place and 5 years later married. We are childless for many reasons, some selfish , some out of fear.  

I've since changed careers (I'm now a Sr. Programmer / Analyst and not a CPA hehe), separated from my wife, and started a small but so far successful business venture. Computers are really my life now. I love the technology and freedom of creativity it affords me. The Internet is also something I'm in love with. It is communication tool that has and will continue to change the way we live and coexist with each other in life. 

What else is there to tell? ..... 
Alot but for now all you have to know is:  
I hate brie, love pigeons and know God exists :) 

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