It is something felt, not possessed   
    It is pleasure and pain at the same time   
    It heals us, it scars us   
    It makes us laugh and cry, sometimes all at once   
    It is of the heart and cannot be seen 
    It is the tear drop of life itself 
    It brings desire, completeness, emptiness and sorrow 
    With it you can know what it means to be born and to die
Photos A video cam can be a dangerous thing depending on who is using it hehe.  I've always believed that my soul won't get stolen if someone sees me on the Internet. People see me everyday, at work, when I buy food at the market, plenty of times. So why stop here? 
The GTO This is the coolest car on earth. I'll always have to be a kid  at heart and keep this hobby of mine. It doesn't really fit in my  lifestyle much anymore but it is a work of art that has long since passed in the Iron City. 
Friends I've met many great people in life. Here are their names. Some real, some nicknames. If I've left you out please email me and I'll include you. I'm pretty phucked up that way and do forget to mention some very good friends :( 
Realaudio Here are a few favorite songs and videos I made with my USR cam.
Midi's  A directory of midi files I like.